Ariel Catalán Rodríguez

Crafting intuitive Interfaces: where form meets function.

Designing from Barcelona.

Some words about me

Once a designer, always a designer — at least, that's how I see it. Once a student of Industrial Design, my path has lead me to UX/UI Design.

My most recent positions were in social media content moderation, which gave me a sharp eye for details, and customer care, were I learned a lot about human behavior and empathy. They taught me that every user's experience is unique, and listening to their needs is key to creating designs that truly serve them.

Taking stock, I realized that my passion for user-centered design was stronger than ever. I felt called to return to my roots and continue to grow in the field.

Now, after an intense period of study, I am more determined than ever to combine my design skills with my professional background to create experiences that not only look good but also add value. I can’t wait to bring about solutions to real-world problems.

Hey there. Let's design together.

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